Newsflash Heffa: You ARE black!

So I was watching the Tyra Show one day last week and the topic was about people who dislike their race, heritage, where they came from…Basically, a couple self-hating women who don’t like themselves… Don’t like:

The fact they are black
–Their skin color
–Black men

I was as shocked as any black woman would be. There is absolutely no possible way I can empathize or relate to this bitch in any way

(Disclaimer: you will see the word “bitch” numerous times in this post, kindly guide your children away from the monitor)

..Picture this self-hating bitch:

Yes…this bitch. Plopping her fat ass on stage, on national televison denying the fact that she is black. This bitch “Shelly Williams”spewed among a bunch of other complete and utter nonsense that:

1) She want’s to change her name “because it’s too ghetto.”
2) She will only work, and eat with white folks.
3) She wants to get a breast & butt reduction, and nose job to look more “white.”
4) Martin Luther King never did anything to benefit her.

Just “wow” right? I bet her mother and father are gloating with pride..Can I get a collective

from the audience?………..

Thank you.

I don’t even want to give this bitch any shine by putting her on my blog, but she needs to be put on blast. There was also another self-hating bizzatch that didn’t want her kids to have “nappy hair” or to be dark-skinned, so she married an asian man. But Shelly Williams appalled me the most…

What do you mean Martin Luther King never did anything to benefit you?! Bitch do you realize the struggle and strife our ancestors went through to even allow you to even sit your ignorant ass up there and even speak out the side of your mouth?! read?!go to school?! get a job?! vote?!

If Dave Chappelle’s Racial Draftskit was a reality..this bitch would be a 1st round draft pick. No–scratch that, I doubt that even the craziest of white folks would want the equivalent of Clayton Bigsby:

Image hosted by

Black people already have our work cut out for us as a whole. We don’t need bitches like her bringing us down even more…


6 Responses to Newsflash Heffa: You ARE black!

  1. Shawn says:

    Ol girl is mentally ill! There are some known Hollywood stars that deny their blackness. Vin Diesel is the first one that comes to mind. Mariah Carey used to, but she’s been “forced” to embrace it.

  2. Supa Sister says:

    Oohh I saw this, Takeitoutside!! How fucking sad and pathetic is that self-hating bitch! Just too fucking sad and pathetic for words! The hate that hate produced…..Girlfriend was TWISTED. She was so fucking SMUG I couldn’t even feel sorry for her.

  3. yes, that’s the word I’m looking for..very SMUG. She sat up there w/some weird grin on her face the entire time..Pure disgust

  4. Charles X says:

    i heard about this bitch! she needs to be CUT. when white people do her dirty then she will want to be black again, watch. her michael jackson syndrome ass

  5. You have got to be joking? WTF is this crazy ho’s deal?

    BTW, I love your style. You are too funny, LOL

  6. Silverfox says:

    She probably has the mindset that in this country, you have to deny yourself to be somebody. I don’t know what her experiences have been and I don’t want to judge her but I’ll tell it like it is…

    1. She can alter her name, her looks, but she will NEVER be a white woman

    2. White people might be pleasant with her but she will NEVER be accepted as white no matter what she does…it will never happen. I’m a white woman, and it is an honest statement about American society that’s rarely mentioned

    3. I pity her and I hope she doesn’t have children b/c whether they’re mixed or black, she will f**k them up with her self-loathing attitude. That woman probably had some tough experiences as a kid and most likely never learned that blackness is nothing to be ashamed of. Somebody needs to wake her up to the fact that it is a black woman looking back at her in the mirror

    4. She needs a wake-up call in the sense that, how can she deny what black people have done in this country? I’m white and I have witnessed the contributions of black people to this society. They have helped to build America in so many ways with little respect. It is true that in the media, black women are misrepresented. Still, that is no reason to deny her heritage and the people who made it possible for her to work with/eat with/attend schools with people like me. If it hadn’t been for MLK, she wouldn’t be able to enjoy certain freedoms and rights today as a black person

    5. I wonder why she will only eat with white folks or have white coworkers? Does their presence somehow alleviate her feelings of being “too black”? Can these people sense her desire to be like them? This girl is full of insecurity and once more, if she ever has kids, those poor children will suffer because of it

    6. Historically, a non-black (often white) beauty ideal has been upheld in America. Perhaps she feels that by striving to be as non-black as possible, she will have achieved a better role in life. Most likely she thinks: “If I were white, I would be beautiful. I would earn more money. I would live in high society. I would feel better about myself.” All of which is untrue, although popular culture would have her believe that. All that is a quick fix to deeply rooted issues that this lady has…she has an identity crisis and the world is unkind to people who live in denial

    7. She needs to be in therapy to talk about the source of her feelings about being black, b/c it had to come from somewhere. I had low self-esteem for YEARS coming out of an abusive family. People don’t hate themselves out of the blue. Somebody f***ed her up in childhood or something, said something hurtful to her about her hair or black folks in general, and this is the reason she is a self-hating wannabe trying to run away from herself. I know a couple black women like this and I wish I could talk about stuff like this with them, but in a politically correct world, you can’t say anything without somebody being offended. I didn’t see the show but this is painful to hear about, although it isn’t new in America.

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