Quick post:

Is it JUST me or..

Does Trey Songz….

Make the ugliest faces

Of course it’s not me. He isn’t an ugly bruva, but damn son! Stop straining so hard!. And for the love of my corneas would somebody please get this dingy wife-beater wearing, 115lb’s soaking wet, crust bucket “I just rolled outta bed” looking ass bruva a stylist. STAT!

(Disclaimer: excuse the alien-esque quality of the 1st 2 pics..I took em with my camera phone-but you get the point right?lol)

In other news…

–Zoe Kravitz, 16 year old daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, apparently is a down ass bitch who ain’t afraid to take a fowty ounce Olde-E to the head..YA’MEEEEEAAAAN??!? Straight Street!

[Images via Concreteloop]

Daddy betta take a break from applying the ultra perm to break out the studded belt on babygirl

–Shar Jackson, better known as Niecy from Moesha to black folk, and Kevin Fredertrash’s “B-Ay!-B-Y-M-Ay!-M-Ay!” to white folk looks a tad remedial here(just a tad). I heard she’s coming out with her own reality show. Let’s hope it’s not a bitch fest and K-Fed comes to visit the chirren and inadvertantly sleeps with Shar. And Shar honey, please put Britney’s child support money to good use and splurge on a new wardrobe, shall we?

Negros and Negrettes, gather round for PSA:

–Uh oh..I see Bun-B wearing a Pink Panther shirt in Beyonce’s Check On It video. This means we’re in for an impending epidemic of ignant’ ass rappers, wiggas/wiggettes, drug boys and B2K-esque thug posers rockin em’ for the winter–(word to Bird Flu!). Well, let moi be the first to say: YOU ARE WACK. If you are not Camron Giles , a member of Dipset, or Kanye ‘A Metrosexual’s dream’ West you should be smacked upon the crown of your skull immediately–with extreme blunt force for wearing anything affilated with the Pink Pather. I don’t care where you are: the mall, the club, supermarket, hospital.. STOP THE MADNESS.


6 Responses to Quick post:

  1. Supa Sister says:

    Trey Songz is rocking the “special needs child” look. Yikes.

  2. Charles X says:

    my friend keeps telling me to watch the check up on it video…but im still avoiding it. that song is wack

  3. Shawn says:

    Thanks for the PSA girl!

  4. AlwaysSweet says:

    I don’t like the repetitiveness of that “check up on it” song. Gets on my nerves bout as much as that “I’m Sprung” song. I went to bed dreamin about that damn song. And I think Trey makes those ugly ass faces because he’s having hunger pains. I swear that boy needs to eat……..somein.

  5. That aint nothing I seen Slim THug with that lavendar/periwinkle Panther shirt on I liked to die…….LOL

  6. […] on, I know I clowned Trey “Skinny Bonez” Songz in the past about his facial expressions and physique (or lackthereof) but this song is the hotness. And after […]

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