My future womb snatchers will watch Wonder Showzen

No, they will NOT be buttfucked on a dark street while learning the way to gay ass Sesame Street…
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Nor, will they be filled with mindless babble from huge assed puppets or sex offending dinosaurs

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DING DING DING!!! They will gather all they need to know about the world from one show..
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WONDER SHOWZEN will be my chirren’s learning tool that reinforces the reality of this fucked up world. I wish someone would have turned off the duet with Aaron Neville and Ernie, sat my dumb ass down, and said:

” You WILL be fucked up one day.”

Point black. Even if you aren’t a child I believe you will take something valuable from this…this..Sesame Street on acid..

They will emerge from the sticky carpet spot in front of the tube an enlightened child having learned about:

and most importantly Racism…

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Don’t believe the hype?’s a few more clips

Ah yes, the inquiring mind of a child. Let’s not ignore it. Takeitoutside luh duh kiiiids.Wonder Showzen comes on MTV2 on Saturdays around 1a.m EST. (last time I checked)..And the 2nd season starts in March!


2 Responses to My future womb snatchers will watch Wonder Showzen

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great compilation of clips….that shit was hilarious!

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