Saturday slushie

January 28, 2006

UNCLE PHIIIIIILLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tatyana Ali looks great in these pictures. Bruvas you betta squeeze out a good one to these..I heard she only likes white guys..

When, How, Why, Where, and WHAT THE FUCK???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, What the Blue Fuck is right Fresh. David Gest (Liza Minelli’s former husband/punchingbag) and Da’ Brat??!! DATING?!! This is like the unholiest of unheterosexual couples EVAR!! I think they’ve just one upped Star and Al as the most ambiguously gay duo. How do you even begin to figure out what goes in what hole? It’s a rubix cube of a mystery I tells ya. I just hope this is a cruel fucking joke for the sake of my sanity and appetite.



January 27, 2006
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AP: So you’re a former gangbanger?

Ray J: Yeah. As a teenager … I was young and just trying to find myself. (PFFT!..)

AP: I’ve read that you’ve been shot at so many times, you can’t remember all of them.(LMAO!!..yeah right!) Did they ever shoot at you for being Brandy’s brother? (

Ray J: (Laughs) No. When you live in Carson and Compton and Long Beach and you growin’ up in the neighborhood, getting shot at is just a regular thing. If you’re hanging out at the school after hours with your friends and y’all shootin’ dice and people are drinking and smoking and it’s a gang environment and it’s a party life constantly, that’s where another rival gang targets. Just wearing red or wearing blue, in L.A., you get shot at. It was just one day when I almost got shot in front of my house, my grandma, in front of my family, and I realized it was no more fun and games. We used to run and laugh and hop the gate and get away, but that time I felt like my life was being threatened. read the rest

*sigh*..Can someone say CORN!!!

Ray-J *nigga please stare* Who you tryna fool with that suspect shirt? What set you from homay?! Da Pink Pantha’s? Let’s face it. The only gangbanging you’ve participated in required astroglide and a sturdy bed. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is nothing more than a ploy to sell records to the hood. Or “pimp the hood” as the #1 Hater Star (of Star and Buckwild) likes to call it.. It’s really a shame that artists think selling a ‘tough guy’ image works for everyone. It really doesn’t and it actually makes you look like a fucking clown. Just be your cute cornball self Ray-J. You might not sell a million records, but at least you’ll still have your dignity(and Brandy’s Moesha money).

Refresh button…

–According the the Daily news and via Fresh Ray-J was spotted bustin’ slobs with ole girl “Supahead”..Looks like he’s not so homo. But he damn sho’ got the yuck mouth…Ewww

Oh yea, remember I was tellin’ you all about the Carmen Bryan/Nas book expose’ thingy. Well here’s the website. She’s really trying to get her lil 15 minutes of fame. She even said she wants to turn the whole hip-hopera into a musical..Not a movie but a musical?!!! Here’s a few links for her upcoming interview in King Magazine’s March issue(shout out to MIKE BLESS of SOHH):
It+Was+Written+ s-m-h

I guess hoes are gonna have the Best Year EVAR!

B.E.T–Ya dead wrong.

January 27, 2006
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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing commercials for this BET special: 25 Most @#%! Moments in Black History, hosted by none other than racially charged comedian Paul Mooney. In the commercial he says some dumb ass joke: “It’s like selling slaves, you can’t look away because you might be next..” or some corn like that. OK, at this point i’m just SMH.
BET is notorious for stupid shit, wackness, ignance’, clown ass rappers, ass and titty shaking, oh and did I mention–Gospel? But this has got to be the dumbest fucking show to ever air; even more shit stained than Homeboy’s In Outer Space.

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I would like to know what genuis brought up the bright idea of a show like this the day before BLACK HISTORY MONTH!? Or at all for that matter. They would get a swift punch to the nasal bone if I had my way. Do they really think black folk are that shallow and mindless that we cackle and knee slap at anything they pull out their ass and throw on the tube? What happened to the news? Oh, I remembeeer. They cut the news so they could show more ASSSS SHAKING.Why did Rap City fall off? Why does “Bobby Jones Gospel Hour”,come on right after Uncut *sings* “Oh whyY-i-i-i are all your shows all CRAP?!!” ..Every show they have is generic spinoff of another show. Pa.the.tic

Why go out of your way to poke fun at your own people instead of uplifting and pointing out the positive that we do. I seriously suggest B.E.T put themselves at the number one spot because cause they’re damn sure #1 on my list.

Edit: Wow. I posted a comment on the BET Discussion board as “Zwiqqyred” along with other people appalled at the show and they erase them. BET is really fucking pathetic. I’m gonna keep posting more just to piss them off. Join me if you feel the same way..


January 26, 2006

Jada Pinkett Smith with her band “Wicked Wisdom”..sniff sniff..Is that the smell of corn and H.A.M?!..Where is will when ya need him? He need’s to sit honey down and have a heart to heart with her, hold her hand or something..

This just in..

–So I heard about this early last year waaay before Karrine “Superhoe” Stephans decided to go mainstream media whore. But apparently Nas’ ex/baby mama, Carmen Bryan is set to release her book called :”Sex, Drugs and Hip-Hop — Oh, and Did I Mention Love?” She’s supposed to be airing out her relationship with NaS & her role with the whole Jay/NaS beef. Read the rest right chea

In my opinion, I think Carmen should just get over it, stfu, and move on. NaS is long gone and happily married with Kelis (to my dismay 😦 ) This is probably the only book a young hoodrat will read this year, and look at the title! Just pathetic. And what’s worse is she’ll probably get a seat in front of Tyra, go on some big media shit blitz, and take up valuable book shelve space. All for nothing. HOE SIT DOWN.

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Look like Ms. Eve Jeffers is movin’ on up tooOOO whiiiite guyyyys. And Robin Givens is well–Robin Givens. I think they both look great/happy..That’s all that matters 🙂

–More reason why Mary J. Blige is Queen: listen to this Busta/Mary/Rah Digga/Missy-Touch It rmx. Hotness…


January 26, 2006

Ladies, ladies LADIES. I’m just gonna get straight to the point. STOP WEARING FUCKING STILLETOS AND SHORT ASS SKIRTS IN COLD WEATHER!! You know who you are. We all see your shiverin ass at the bus stop in a extra smedium lime green Rocawear coat, denim mini-skirt up your ass, and some lopsided ass rundown pumps. Just stop it–alright? You are not in a fuckin’ music video. It is cold. When it is cold you put clothes on. Warm clothes. Get it? Got it? Good.

Yesterday was my birthday

January 23, 2006

The anniversary of yours truly’s birthday was yesterday 1.22.84. I’m 22 years old now..I sure as hell don’t feel like it or look it.. What did I do? I had an ok. time. Went out to dinner with my cousins, chilled, sang Happy some money (I sure as hell needed it)..I didn’t drink..Especially after what happened New Year’s. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot!

I’ll post whenever I get the chance or whenever something interesting smacks me in the face. Right now school is my number one priority. But while I’m here let me share with you a little segment I like to call:

My thoughts:

On the Camron vs. Jay-Z; Black Ashton Kutcher; Hovi Baby..blah blah blah

– Chanclatas? Jeans with chanclatas..Roofles! Cam is hilarious. I love a good tongue lashing(esp at the expense of Jay-Z), but Camron’s angry man rant borders on grade school lunchroom antics. I can’t call it..I’ll hold my verdict until Joe Camel clap’s back..(if he does)

more thoughts to come later bitches..I have class to attend.. 😦


January 20, 2006

Penelope Cruz is the new Angelina Jolie.
Are those Sean’s kids? idk and don’t care. Buuut…

Question: Why do celebrities and politicians think they can gain “black people passes” if they let little unfortunate kids kiss all on em or say stupid shit. I’d revoke them shits and distribute HOE SIT DOWN awards like my girl Supasister..

LOL…Nah nigga this ain’t Destiny’s Mama. Presenting the “Dreamettes” for the upcoming film “Dreamgirls”. Bey looks like somebody’s mama. Jennifer looks somebody’s Big mama, and ole girl off to the side looks like stepsister. It just ain’t [Source]