Fantasia The Sweaty

December 29, 2006


I really don’t need to say anything more..just let it sit and marinate yall…


Takeitoutside’s Most Annoying of ’06

December 28, 2006

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Last year we had a our very first inductees..This year was 10x‘s as annoying so we’re gonna even that out with10 inductees. Let’s start shall we:



The girl who has everything. Seriously folks, the picture says it all. That’s the face her stans make to kiss her ass or possibly suck her d-i-c-k. (I said she had it ALL!)  Beyonce is on every list this year. She had a new song every damn week this year…a new album every other month…New dress every 2 hours.. Alright..maybe i’m exagerrating bigger than her lacefront weaves, but it feels like it right? Bitch has been promoting Dreamgirls since Jesus was in middle school. I don’t know about yall but it’s gotten annoying and i’m all Beyonce’d out. And I know you’re asking “Where’s Jay-Z??” Trust me Hovi Baby is a whole notha post chile…

James Brown movie already in the works (I KNEW IT!)

December 28, 2006

Spike Lee (yes!) will rewrite a draft recently turned in by Jezz and John Henry Butterworth. The script has been through several drafts since Steve Baigelman wrote the original […] Brown was an active part of the development of the biopic project “Like everybody, I was surprised and saddened that James Brown died,” Grazer said Tuesday. “Having known him well, and after spending lots of time with him and researching his life, it’s somehow not surprising that he died on Christmas Day. He was the ultimate showman, all the way to the end.” [yoinked]

Now, the question is…who should play James? I wanna say Jamie Foxx, but it would be too redundant..Perhaps Eddie Murphy?? Then again, Spike is good for putting relatively unknown actors in his movies so we might be surpised…

Honoring the Godfather of Soul

December 26, 2006


ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — James Brown, the legendary R&B belter, a singer and songwriter who created a foundation for funk and provided the roots of rap, a man of many nicknames but a talent that can only be described as one of a kind, is dead.

Brown died early Monday at Atlanta’s Emory Crawford Long Hospital of congestive heart failure, his agent said. He was 73.

“The most difficult thing is for me to stand here without him. We were a team,” Charles Bobbit, Brown’s personal manager, told reporters Monday.

Pausing to fight back tears, Bobbit said he was at Brown’s bedside when he died.

Brown told him, “I’m going away tonight.”

Then he took three long, quiet breaths, and closed his eyes, Bobbit said.

Brown was in Atlanta for a dental appointment when he fell ill and was admitted to the hospital over the weekend for pneumonia.

“It appears what happened is that he did die of a heart attack as a result of his pneumonia,” the singer’s agent Frank Copsidas told CNN Radio.

Brown — known variously as “the Godfather of Soul,” “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business,” “Soul Brother Number One” and “Mr. Dynamite” (and often introduced as all of the above) — was known for his elastic dance moves, razor-sharp musicianship and all-stops-out performances.

So sad…All artists should pay tribute to one of the greatest influences of modern day music. He will be missed…

James Brown Tribute video:

Season’s Greetings Bitches!!!

December 21, 2006

Fuck expensive pocketbooks and diamonds..This is pretty much all I want for Christmas..Ahhhhh..The gift that keeps on giving..

Happy Lacefront Monday!!

December 18, 2006


Justin Guarini, American Idol season 1 runner up, (yes that’s him yall..) don’t went and got a lacefront and some botox. He reminds me of Dave Chappelle’s Chuck Taylor character..Shame fo’ shame..

Oh yea…I apologize for the lack of posting, but a sista was busy with finals. I’m finally done now so we can get back to the love-hatin 🙂

Kelis shakes her McDonalds milkshake

December 13, 2006

By now, you all should know how I feel about WacArnolds. But if you don’t this just validates my “Wtf-ness?!” with the company. As if arguing with a toothless 60 year old employee wasn’t enough they had to drag my fabulous skanktastic Kelis into their cheesy ass marketing ploy. I’m sure they paid her ass well. But is a 6 piece nugget and fry combo this damn serious?:


I’m surprised they didn’t have Mexicans and black people crumping in the isles.