Knicks game or Fashion Week?

April 17, 2007


Jessica White::Kimora Lee Simmons::::Ty Ty Baby::A homeless woman

A teenage boy’s wet dream at the Knicks game last night. Check out the rest of the pics over at CL


Ahahahah New York got played by Donatello

April 16, 2007


If you watched the I Love New York reunion last night you got an eye-full of hot ass mess-age. A few unanswered questions:

1.Why did she wear that damn bra?!?
2.Why did Sister Patterson wear that flimsy ass wig sans ten-head? Maybe New York could’ve saw the future in it and that Tango was gonna clown her ass…
3.Why did Real remind me of the cowardly lion?
4.Why was Heat’s mama and “yaya” more gangsta than Tango’s ninja turtle punk ass(notice he only got buck when the bodyguards jumped up)
5.Why am I thinking Chance is so hilarious and hot at the same time?
6.Now I know I must be crazy because Mr. Boston was actually kinda cute…
7.Why did 12 pack and heat remind me of the amibiguously gay duo.
8. When did Romance get super wiggerish? His ass did look like Cruela D’evil
Whew! I am so over chile. If you missed it, you can get your recap fix over at the I Love New York BlogĀ 

Thanks Oprah, Now I know ‘dere is a God

April 13, 2007


Oprah proves she still has some Miss Sophia in her by teaching the whities how to ‘lean and rock wit it’ yesterday on her show after talking to the Rutgers Women’s basketball team. (My thoughts on that Don Imanasshole fiasco in a sec) She also taught them how to shuck and jive the Chicken Noodle Soup and some shit I ain’t never heard of called the “Old Man.” I was much delighted to see the gay white dude in the back say he would use these new guaranteed punches in the face at his next wedding reception. Big Bird Gayle even joined in the fukkery. Jesus please take this damn wheel.

On Don Imusbeoutofajob

Now, i’m not one to get easily offended but while being a student at (current controversial university) I’ve seen a lot of the fukkery over this whole “nappy-head hoe” debacle. One incident that stuck out this past week; I had a white lab instructor laugh a little too hard and asking quite dumbassedly (yea I made that word up) “Do they really look like thaaaat??” after another student informed her on what Don Imus referred to these young ladies as. Now i’m not one to get easily offended but it’s damn awkward when you’re the only notable brown person in the class. I promptly stopped what I was doing and shot her a look of “Bitch-is-you-serious?” The ghetto DNA in me wanted to ask her if it’d be A-okay if I called her a stringy-haired, pasty face, cave slut. But I digress and catch my breath. As she noticed her tactful eloquence she immediately stopped cackling enough to shake her head in pity and give a half-hearted “Yea, he shouldn’t say stuff like that about people…” Yea. Okay. Whatever. Please, heffa probably doesn’t even sleep at night because it’s black when she closes her eyes. She must’ve felt stupid or something because later she let me make up a lab hand-in that I missed last week. White guilt must be a bitch. Anywhooo..Mama was right when she said: “If you don’t have nothin’ nice to say, don’t say it AT ALL. ” (Or unless you’re in the comfort of your own racist ass home) I’m burying this Don Imus fukkery 10x’s faster than Anna Nicole Smith so i’ll leave you with fond memories with this hilarity via NovaSlim. Oh yea, Go Sanjaya!


No updates….because

April 10, 2007

I’m a college student and i’ve been busting my ass trying to pass the semester. Regular posting will commence by the end of this month..or probably whenever I feel like it. I know I suck but this site is the last thing on my mind right now…But in celeb news

Jay-Z denies being da pappy of dat dere chile

Don Imus is just a stupid honky

This pussy gets around

Who Did It Better? Bey vs Mya

April 4, 2007

My vote goes to Mya…



Beyonce-Sugar Mama

Mya- My Love Is Like Whoa