Irv Gotti clowns Ashanti

August 31, 2007

On Wendy Williams radio show yesterday afternoon. Irv basically discusses how she was fuckin’ for tracks (even though he was married at the time) and how foul it was that she jumped ship when the FEDs kicked down the door. He says she’s still signed to Murder..err-excuse me “The Inc.” so he still has rights to all her publishing. Interesting…She’s supposed to have an album dropping this fall so she better get all the publicity she can get. You know Ciara and Rihanna are somewhere laughing their mediocre talented asses off..

Here’s some audio:

It’s Murdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



August 22, 2007

Aunt Viv must’ve saw all the net bashing over her disappearing hairline and snatched the nearest lacefront off a manikin. Dare I say?..She looks good here..

Aunt Viv @ her birthday party @ SOL in NYC



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Crank Dat Snake

August 22, 2007

Don’t you just love watching old people dance? This is almost worse than the time I tried to teach mom dukes the Chicken Noodle Soup. I told her to let it rain first..then clear it out. Her hip ain’t been right ever since..

Sam Jackson on 106 & Park tryna crank dat 

Oh, Inga….

August 21, 2007

foxybrown.jpgThe worlds least relevant rapper chick is back at it again. After assaulting her neighbor Naomi style with a Blackberry, it’s come out that she’s now..*gasp* engaged & 3 months pregnant! I blame the plum purple lipstick and weave glue. You know that shit has seeped into her brain after all these years. Anyway, congrats to you and yours Fox Boogie. I bet my Jackie-O: “How To Box A Bitch” instructional video that that baby will come out swingin.

UPDATE: Yup..She’s goin to jail!

Spot the hairline

August 20, 2007

Bald-head scallywag, aint got no hair in back
Gelled up weaved up, yo hair is messed up..


Looks like Aunt Viv is suffering from a severe case of forehead alopecia, otherwise known as Tyraitis -OR- it could be that her hair is running away from her plastic face. But seriously though: I cannot stress this enough; Black women: LAY OFF THE PERMS!! You do not need to perm everytime a raindrop hits your damn head. Lets pray that aunt Viv can revive her hairline along with her faltering career..

Jesus be a can of Sulfur 8 grease.

Mary J. Blige pregnant?

August 16, 2007


Well at least that’s what MTO says..

Mary’s kin told exclusively, “We just found out about [the pregnancy] yesterday and everyone’s happy about it.”. The family member continued, “Mary and [Kendu] have been trying to get pregnant for close to a year and [they] did it …. They’re very blessed in so many ways.”

You all know how deep my love is for Mary & her music..If it’s true Congrats to them!!!!! K-Ci is somewhere crying out his pour cracky heart..

They Just Ruined It…

August 15, 2007

I know this is my 2nd obligatory post of Ugly Ricky this week, but I can’t help it! They’re like roaches, you turn on the lights and BAM! They scatter all over the place..Yesterday I gave them the benefit of the doubt.. Now, i’m quite certain these negros need to sit the hell down!! Jesus be a 90’s style wardrobe.


Slick ‘Em here looks like he needs a bottle of Valtrex-swiftly



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