Try again Clifford

September 28, 2007


T.I. dressed sharper than a butterknife on his Burfday @ club Who The Hell Cares. Young Cheezy looks, dare I say…appropriate? That’s it! I officially have no credibility…I might as well sell Pretty Ricky dolls out the trunk of my car.

And I just got the strongest craving for some nuts it’s not even funny..Or is it?


Doin’ it BAD!

September 7, 2007

Oh me oh my..Where do I begin?… JLo smackin ethnic hoes left and right. Child slaves. Morbidly obese women wrapped in chains. Eccentric gheys. Food Fetishes. Wack choreography.

Behold the trainwreck that is her new video, produced by David LaChappelle:

Doin’ It Well BAD