The Blackards!!

October 22, 2007

Term for an ignorant person who exhibits extreme fukkery and lack of self respect and/or dignity.

Case in Point:

The Hoodie Awards hosted by Steve “Who spilled gumbo on my 3piece suit” Harvey were held in Las Vegas. Among the categories were:

  • Best Fried Chicken Place (ummm..)
  • Best Church Choir (why not best church chicken?
  • Best Car Wash/Detail Shop (*sigh*)
  • Best Nail Salon (I quit this bitch..)

This shit right here…this shit right here…


Cute family. Poor child probably wears wingtip shoes to gym class..


Mama Bethel Anne is looking for her brazierre right aboooouuut-NOW! Oh yea, remember Sally Richardson from Low Down Dirty Shame(fab chick).


Halloween done come early?? What the hell is she supposed to be–Ghost of 1997!? Doin’ the bounce in front of my damn house..No words.

Again–I quit this bitch. I gotta take my “Free T.I” shirt to the cleaners to get hemmed properly. Call me when NaS album comes out..

[Pics spotted @ CL]