November 27, 2007

I’ve really been slacking (as usual) on keeping up with my beloved hater blogging. And it’s not like I lack the passion to blog…I love blogging, I really do! I wish I had more time and energy to dedicate to this but the truth is—i’m in school. Nursing school. And if you know anything about that, you know it’s harder than R.Kelly backstage at a Little Miss Sunshine pageant. So while I miss blogging I simply have too much reading and writing careplans to do, let alone follow how many crust-dingles are hanging in T-Pain’s beard today. Alas, there will be updates haters and hatettes; for I have not completely abandoned you! I just got better shit to do. We ain’t talkin bout PRACTICE! This is real life chumps..So bear with me and trust that I will be back sooner than you think. Plus, if i spruce this place up and throw up some annoying ads I could make some money before yall honkys change yo’ miiiiindss-zz.


2007 AMA’s.

November 19, 2007


My sentiments exactly Miss Celie…

The more award shows come on my teevee the less i’m interested…Here’s some of the night’s “highlights” (I guess)

Sugarland & Beyonce’s jacket

Cuntry music is right. I actually did enjoyed it until Beyonce came out tried to obviously outsang ole girl.

Next up..

Alicia Key’s Ms.Celie braid and every Jamaican artist EVER!

Cute. I’m glad to report that Fansworth Bentley is safe and sound..

Rihanna & the WB Frog

This song makes my ears bleed so i put my tv on mute. Was the band reeally necessary? Whatever..

I’m still looking for cute ass Chris Brown’s perfomance..

Update: Youtube took down all the links..meh. I’m too lazy to look for new ones but Miss Celie’s facial expression never lies..