I forgot all about her

March 27, 2007

Remember sweet sweet untalented Cassie?

Me neither, until I saw this picture of her and baby dad producer Ryan Leslie. Is it me or does she look preggers sans makeup and glowing in the face. Dallas Austin is making another ‘fuck-a-hoe’ video as I type.



Tuesday is the new Monday

March 20, 2007

Because that seems like the only time I update this bitch. Excuse’ moi but a bitch was on spring break and didn’t feel like updating. Get over it. You still love me.

I’m guessing you already saw all the Soul Train pics and other random gossip from my friends to the right to the right..so i’ll just leave yall with Toccarra’s Breast today..

Happy Lacefront Monday!!

December 18, 2006


Justin Guarini, American Idol season 1 runner up, (yes that’s him yall..) don’t went and got a lacefront and some botox. He reminds me of Dave Chappelle’s Chuck Taylor character..Shame fo’ shame..

Oh yea…I apologize for the lack of posting, but a sista was busy with finals. I’m finally done now so we can get back to the love-hatin 🙂

New York and Pumkin kiss and makeup(literally)

November 2, 2006

Love is in the air–Tranny love

This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my LIFE!! My breakfast is so disgusted right now, it doesn’t wanna even come back up through the mouth..it just to go straight down a filthy drain and straight to hell..which is exactly where this picture should end up if we’re lucky…Bitches are TERRIBLE.

Lets recap the spit heard round the world shall we:

In random news: Lindsay LoHOE and Evan Ross (Diana Ross’ son/T.I’s lil brother in ATL) a couple?? YIKES!

P.S. I’m moving this blog over to worpress so give me a few days to continue with regular posting. Thanks bitches.

It’s about time–To WHOOP THAT TRICK!!!: Flavor of Love Reunion Special

October 25, 2006

Thank goodness for skeezers and tricks. Santa Clause done came early yall and dropped us off a little treat. Here’s a teaser clip for the Flavor of Love Reunion Special that airs this Sunday

LOL! These bitches got hot crisco grease, tracks, bobby pins flyin every-whicha-way..I LOVE it!!!!!

In other news: Naomi needs her ass beat by one of these FOL hoesFantasia’s new album cover Fug or Fab?

Vol 1.3: More mis-adventures with Hovi and Sasha

In ‘Blah’ news: Monique(fat chick/nice voice) of Making the Band interview