Da’hell u been?!?

December 23, 2008

So I haven’t updated this jawn in a minute..I’ve been busy with the wonderful thing called life but I realize i’ve been nice for waaaay too long.  The bitch is back!


Takeitoutside’s Most Annoying of 2007

December 30, 2007

We’ve come a long way from last years honorees but 2007 has proved to be just as annoying. Lets get this thing started shall we”

10/Shitney Spears


Bitch is terrible and she only got more annoying by the month. She shaved her crazy head bald, attacked some paparazzi, checked into rehab, flashed us her mom tunnel, lost her kids(sad really), had the worst performance EVER, ran some lights, hit cars and a few people. Yet and still she remains alive with the help of a steady stream of frappachino and cheeto snacks. Not to be outdone her little sister gets pregnant and they’re reporting on this shit like it’s WW III. Ummm Matt Lauer, I’m just tryna find out if it’s gonna be clear or cloudy ya dig? Shut that shit up. I think I speak for everyone when I say HOE SIT DOWN.

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No updates….because

April 10, 2007

I’m a college student and i’ve been busting my ass trying to pass the semester. Regular posting will commence by the end of this month..or probably whenever I feel like it. I know I suck but this site is the last thing on my mind right now…But in celeb news

Jay-Z denies being da pappy of dat dere chile

Don Imus is just a stupid honky

This pussy gets around

I’m not doing a Grammies post

February 13, 2007

Because by now i’m sure you all saw the pictures and shit on other sites. It’s really pointless and i’m a lazy bitch. Get over it.

Tyra bitching about her weight–again

January 31, 2007

Even though she already cleared the air with People magazine you’d think she’d let it fade away. NOPE! Here’s a clip from an upcoming episode of the Tyra show where she addresses the issue once again. I heart you Tyra but this shit has got to stop…

No sex in the champagne room for Puff Daddy

January 17, 2007

diddy2.jpgLooks like the black man just can’t get a break in Hollywood. Video of Puff being denied entry into a Golden Globes afterparty at the Sunset Tower Hotel showed up on TMZ. Helen Mirren‘s old ass was ushered in right by him while he makes a futile attempt to gain entry, repeatedly asking security: “Do you know who I am?!” Now you already know I think this man is more annoying than thongs on a hot day but it’s kind of foul considering the expensive parties he frequently throws. However, That’s fickle ass Hollywood for ya..Click below to see Puff get embarrased.

::Take that-Take that!::

Takeitoutside’s Most Annoying of ’06 (cont..)

January 2, 2007


Whether you wanna call her Fugly or The Dutchess of Fug, she was straight up annoying this year. She tried to call out bloggers and net haters with her song “Pedastal” and her had her London Bridge fall down (whatever the fuck that is..) She pissed herself onstage and all her half assed coked out performances sealed the deal. Will.I.Am should shove a record down her throat. With that said…Fergilicious was my song…But bitch is still annoying.





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