2007 AMA’s.

November 19, 2007


My sentiments exactly Miss Celie…

The more award shows come on my teevee the less i’m interested…Here’s some of the night’s “highlights” (I guess)

Sugarland & Beyonce’s jacket

Cuntry music is right. I actually did enjoyed it until Beyonce came out tried to obviously outsang ole girl.

Next up..

Alicia Key’s Ms.Celie braid and every Jamaican artist EVER!

Cute. I’m glad to report that Fansworth Bentley is safe and sound..

Rihanna & the WB Frog

This song makes my ears bleed so i put my tv on mute. Was the band reeally necessary? Whatever..

I’m still looking for cute ass Chris Brown’s perfomance..

Update: Youtube took down all the links..meh. I’m too lazy to look for new ones but Miss Celie’s facial expression never lies..


Superman that HOE

August 14, 2007

Look up in the sky!
It’s a bird!
It’s hot ass mess!

It’s (dun-dun-duh-duuuh) Superhoes!!!




Methinks it was all the weed smoke at the Ozone Awards that made them think it was Halloween already. Check out the rest of the ghetto celebrity prom here


79th Annual Oscars: Congrats J-Hud & Forrest!!

February 26, 2007

I didn’t get to watch all of it but the bulk of what I observed was a straight up bore fest. This will be painless. I promise.

1. Ellen is adorable.

2. The Smith Family is F-a-b-o..Fabu-lous!


3. Will Ferrell and Jack Black act a damn fool. LMAO!

4. Dreamgirl’s Performance. This is all I really wanted to see but ended up missing…I’m sayin’ did Bey try to outsing Jen?? Oops didn’t work..lol. Sike nah, lemme stop hatin’ they all sang their lacefronts off. Behold the fabulousness:


“Dreamgirls” Oscar Performance


I’m not doing a Grammies post

February 13, 2007

Because by now i’m sure you all saw the pictures and shit on other sites. It’s really pointless and i’m a lazy bitch. Get over it.

Golden Globe’s: Let’s get it over with

January 16, 2007


So I just saw Dreamgirls last night. (Yes bitches..I just saw it last night) so here’s my meaningless opinion. First off, I get really annoyed with musicals and this one was no different. With all the hype that came along with this movie I guess I expected something more from with the acting, but w/e. Eddie Murphy’s overly exaggerated performances were hilarious.And for this to be Jennifer Hudson’s first acting role it was great to watch her..She acted and sang her ass off like it was her last meal. Overall, it was a good movie. Jennifer & Eddie earned their awards no doubt. Jennifer won Best Supporting Actress in a Musical or Comedy and Eddie snatched up Best supporting actor in A Motion picture…


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