2007 AMA’s.

November 19, 2007


My sentiments exactly Miss Celie…

The more award shows come on my teevee the less i’m interested…Here’s some of the night’s “highlights” (I guess)

Sugarland & Beyonce’s jacket

Cuntry music is right. I actually did enjoyed it until Beyonce came out tried to obviously outsang ole girl.

Next up..

Alicia Key’s Ms.Celie braid and every Jamaican artist EVER!

Cute. I’m glad to report that Fansworth Bentley is safe and sound..

Rihanna & the WB Frog

This song makes my ears bleed so i put my tv on mute. Was the band reeally necessary? Whatever..

I’m still looking for cute ass Chris Brown’s perfomance..

Update: Youtube took down all the links..meh. I’m too lazy to look for new ones but Miss Celie’s facial expression never lies..


Knicks game or Fashion Week?

April 17, 2007


Jessica White::Kimora Lee Simmons::::Ty Ty Baby::A homeless woman

A teenage boy’s wet dream at the Knicks game last night. Check out the rest of the pics over at CL

Beyonce- Get Me Bodied

March 27, 2007

Chill it’s only a clip. This hoe needs to stop playin and release the whole thing though. I can’t wait to pat my weave to the extended version in the clubs this summer.

Beyonce – Get Me Bodied  

Beyonce goes video crazy with “Upgrade You” & “Beautiful Liar”

March 1, 2007

Finally another video from B-Day..If you don’t know already she’s releasing a video for damn near ‘err song off B-Day on a deluxe edition of B-Day scheduled to hit stores in early April. The video is typical Bey fashion, but idk..I expected more..more..color. Some greens, purples, oranges. I’m guessing she saved it all for the Get Me Bodied video. And yes Hovi Baby makes an appearance at the last minute..

Beyonce ft/Joe Camel- Ugrade You

Orgasm of the day: Shakira & Beyonce- Beautiful Liar

Beyonce Montage of B-Day videos (They look HAWT!) 

[YOUTUBE=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz8Xef2Jk0I ]





Tranny Tuesday and Beyonce +40 years

February 6, 2007

Snoop feeling all up on some tranny hag’s titty balls (literally). Don’t believe me? Just see for yourself (NSFW!!!) [Ace]That’s a MAN baby![/Ventura] via MediaTakeOut


Beyonce aged 40 years…It’s a good ass photoshop but you know she’ll still be rockin the blond wig. Check out the other celebrity geezers at 1000 words.com


Beyonce stans get the vaseline ready, Letoya Luckett gets all Mary Wilson n’shit

February 1, 2007

dc.jpgOn E!’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Don’t you just love the name of that show? It screams “I’m a failure, now pass me that crack pipe!.” Anywho, Letoya & Latavia set the record straight (or at least tries) about why they left, or were kicked out of Destiny’s Child. In the interview Letoya say’s “Matthew Knowles is a scan-less low down skunk and Beyonce is a backstabbing weave wearin’ bitch!” Well not realllllly but that’s what I think Letoya was trying to get across. Letoya claims she couldn’t even pay her cell phone bill at the height of DC’s success. I guess that’s why they were trying to get guys to pay it for ’em. *rimshot* Both ladies also say they didn’t even know they were kicked out of DC until they saw the “Say My Name” video. Wow, talk about some ignant shit. Now that’s ignant. It was sad when they broke up though..Letoya was always my favorite DC member. I wish her and Latavia much success..Visit her website or pick up the album

Letoya Sets The Record Straight

Takeitoutside’s Most Annoying of ’06

December 28, 2006

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Last year we had a our very first inductees..This year was 10x‘s as annoying so we’re gonna even that out with10 inductees. Let’s start shall we:



The girl who has everything. Seriously folks, the picture says it all. That’s the face her stans make to kiss her ass or possibly suck her d-i-c-k. (I said she had it ALL!)  Beyonce is on every list this year. She had a new song every damn week this year…a new album every other month…New dress every 2 hours.. Alright..maybe i’m exagerrating bigger than her lacefront weaves, but it feels like it right? Bitch has been promoting Dreamgirls since Jesus was in middle school. I don’t know about yall but it’s gotten annoying and i’m all Beyonce’d out. And I know you’re asking “Where’s Jay-Z??” Trust me Hovi Baby is a whole notha post chile…