Damn Damn Dammmmnnnn!

July 29, 2007

Floetry Break Up 😦


As reported by SOHH.com Natalie Stewart (the poet) will be replaced with Amanda effin Diva…pfft! I love Floetry..This is ain’t Destiny’s Child..You just can’t up and replace members quicker than Lindsay Lohan snorts a line of coke! My heart is just a big lump of dissapointed jello yall pray for me:(

 **Pour’s out some liquors for what used to be :(**


Beyonce stans get the vaseline ready, Letoya Luckett gets all Mary Wilson n’shit

February 1, 2007

dc.jpgOn E!’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Don’t you just love the name of that show? It screams “I’m a failure, now pass me that crack pipe!.” Anywho, Letoya & Latavia set the record straight (or at least tries) about why they left, or were kicked out of Destiny’s Child. In the interview Letoya say’s “Matthew Knowles is a scan-less low down skunk and Beyonce is a backstabbing weave wearin’ bitch!” Well not realllllly but that’s what I think Letoya was trying to get across. Letoya claims she couldn’t even pay her cell phone bill at the height of DC’s success. I guess that’s why they were trying to get guys to pay it for ’em. *rimshot* Both ladies also say they didn’t even know they were kicked out of DC until they saw the “Say My Name” video. Wow, talk about some ignant shit. Now that’s ignant. It was sad when they broke up though..Letoya was always my favorite DC member. I wish her and Latavia much success..Visit her website or pick up the album

Letoya Sets The Record Straight