Robert Kelly is a Free Man

June 15, 2008

What kinda fuckery is this?!.. Look forward to 793439483th songs about this bullshit and 934304304 ^16 more remixes..I quit this bitch. R.Kelly



October 19, 2006
Jim Jones puts a diamond grill on his MaseratiI nominate him for Dumb Bitch Of The Day. Seriously who spends money on dumb shit like this?! Niccas don’t know how to act with a lil bit of chang-ay. How bout doing something positive in the hood you stupid fool! I hope somebody snatches that shit quicker than Wesley Snipes can hop a plane out the U.S..Nevertheless, I still find him hilarious for his mindless antics and buffoonery. With that said let the class say: BAALLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!

You are dismissed.

Camron’s-“Touch It Or Not/Wet Wipes” Video

March 10, 2006

Meh, I expected hilariousness with J.J Evans and fake Bey but this shit is straight Oscar the Grouch–HOT GAAHHBAGE!

I can’t believe I’m saying this but–Jay Won.

In other news…

**Kids dressed up as celebrities

Is it just me because upon looking at the pictures I automatically thought “Texas beauty pageant..Texas beauty pageant..” It’s cute, but in a way it’s a little creepy dressing those chirrens up like that with all that makeup and shit on. Who knows what sex pervs are looking at those photos. Ya know?