J-Hud gets Vogue. Ja Rule gets perm.

February 13, 2007





Looks like the rumors were true. J-Hud got the cover of Vogue. Congrats to her. The pics were taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

*Pause and Sigh*

Now you knooooow..They know damn well they could’ve picked a much better picture than that for the cover!!!

Now on to Ja Rule’s perm after the jump!

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It’s official: Beyonce and Jay-Z to wed!!!

January 22, 2007


It’s my 23rd BIRTHDAY bitches!!!!!


Happy Hump Day!!!

November 29, 2006

Don’t front, you know you’d still hit it!

Beyonce as Kelly Rowland: Jennifer Hudson steals the spotlight on Oprah

November 21, 2006


So I didn’t feel like posting this yesterday, but Jennifer Hudson pretty much Kelly’d Beyonce yesterday on Oprah while promoting the upcoming movie Dreamgirls. I mean, don’t get me wrong..I like Bey and her *ahem* colorful costumes, but everytime she does a show I feel like it turns into the “Beyonce Show” complete with her two doting parents in the audience. I was just waiting for little nefew Daniel to hop on stage and start tapdancing. But to my surprise I was absolutely tickled to see Jennifer shut it down (even though she tried to play it cool) The crowd gave a her a huge standing ovation upon her entrance. Simon Cowell dislodged his finger from his finely tuned asshole long enough to give Jennifer her props via satellie, from whatever funny sounding land he’s from. Opree even referred to her performance in Dreamgirls as “a religious experience.” And we know just how religious Opree can be. Jennifer’s look was “cute” but she could’ve done better. Her hair was adorable. The dress..hmmm kinda churchy compared to the other guests. But she was reveled in fabulous fantasticnous no doubt.

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I’ll throw a cell phone at you crazy!

June 13, 2006

Move over Naomi! Put the hot dog down Tyra!..It’s about to be a whaaaat??! Walk off!

LOL..But really folks. I’m so exicted, I just did my very first photo shoot for a Bella Beauty Models. Calendar Coming This Fall!! Check out me and the rest of the Bella Beauties over at myspace. Promise you won’t be disappointed.

This has really turned into a personal blog as of lately, but I haven’t had time to keep up with myself let alone celeb fukkery..I’ve been a busy body. Your #2 hater girl is about to working not one but get this– TWO jobs! Gotta get that paper fo’ they catch me ridin durtaaay..

All is well in the love department chirrens..I had quite an adventure down in A.C last weekend during the Taver/Hopkins fight. Met up with one of my new boos and got the kiss of life..lol. Nothing serious, but i’m definitely having my fun..