J-Hud gets Vogue. Ja Rule gets perm.

February 13, 2007





Looks like the rumors were true. J-Hud got the cover of Vogue. Congrats to her. The pics were taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

*Pause and Sigh*

Now you knooooow..They know damn well they could’ve picked a much better picture than that for the cover!!!

Now on to Ja Rule’s perm after the jump!

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Kelis shakes her McDonalds milkshake

December 13, 2006

By now, you all should know how I feel about WacArnolds. But if you don’t this just validates my “Wtf-ness?!” with the company. As if arguing with a toothless 60 year old employee wasn’t enough they had to drag my fabulous skanktastic Kelis into their cheesy ass marketing ploy. I’m sure they paid her ass well. But is a 6 piece nugget and fry combo this damn serious?:


I’m surprised they didn’t have Mexicans and black people crumping in the isles.


Rihanna aka Lil Bo Peep

December 5, 2006



Another case file for When Keeping It Trendy Goes Wrong Rihanna at the 2006 Billboard Awards in her Lil Bo Peep Halloween costume. How old is this bitch? Like 18? We know you’re young and ready but damn–put some clothes on for goodness sake. I guess when you have mediocre talent it’s time to smother them legs full of Vaseline and release them titties…smh

Pinks and blues and patterns OH MY!!!

December 4, 2006


This post has been Blain and Antoine approved with two snaps and a circle chile. What we have here is another classic case of “When Keepin It Trendy Goes Wrong.” Andre 3000 is making me hunger for a nice big bowl of beans and rice topped off with a Corona all the while singing “La Cucaracha.” And please spare me the…”Oh Andre is so unique..he has his own style blah blah blah..He looks a hot ass mess and you know it. Stop making excuses for that type of behavior. It is unacceptable! Those mocassin boots are hot though–for a WOMAN!! As for Swizz, he needs to stop wearing his damn kids Christmas gifts. Why Mashonda let him out the damn house like that we’ll never know. What I do know is i’ll never look at Love-a-Lot bear the same…



I’ll throw a cell phone at you crazy!

June 13, 2006

Move over Naomi! Put the hot dog down Tyra!..It’s about to be a whaaaat??! Walk off!

LOL..But really folks. I’m so exicted, I just did my very first photo shoot for a Bella Beauty Models. Calendar Coming This Fall!! Check out me and the rest of the Bella Beauties over at myspace. Promise you won’t be disappointed.

This has really turned into a personal blog as of lately, but I haven’t had time to keep up with myself let alone celeb fukkery..I’ve been a busy body. Your #2 hater girl is about to working not one but get this– TWO jobs! Gotta get that paper fo’ they catch me ridin durtaaay..

All is well in the love department chirrens..I had quite an adventure down in A.C last weekend during the Taver/Hopkins fight. Met up with one of my new boos and got the kiss of life..lol. Nothing serious, but i’m definitely having my fun..

You Better WORK!!

May 1, 2006
Bitch looks absolutely fabulous..I don’t know if I quite like the dress, but TyTy baby is workin it out somethin’ FIERYARCE. Check out the best ANTM recaps ever!..over at FourFourJust an observation: Celebrity Look-a-likes

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These two look like they could be sisters to me. Am I reachin’?? Cause if I am so effin what! I make my case:

1) They’re both Bee-ah-bee-why!! M-a-m-ahs!! I just hope Fantasia didn’t name her kid some crazy shit like Lil Mo did: God’iss Love Stone (WTF???) Ghetto ass name for ghetto ass people..smh. Name is so outlandish it makes “Keshia” seem like the hood “Katie.” I hope that kid grows up to practice Buddhism.
2) They both can sang with them big ole soup coolers..lol
3) I could picture them roaming the hood, face slicked up with petroleum jelly, earrings off, lookin’ for “Tookie’nem”
4) Because I said so.

Case closed.