Robert Kelly is a Free Man

June 15, 2008

What kinda fuckery is this?!.. Look forward to 793439483th songs about this bullshit and 934304304 ^16 more remixes..I quit this bitch. R.Kelly


Gay Porn Twins Go On a Robbing Spree (Dead.ass.serious)

February 26, 2008


Police said a hard-working Philadelphia couple, who are coping with the recent loss of their only son overseas, were the latest victims in an alleged rooftop robbery spree.

Authorities arrested twin 25-year-old brothers Taleon and Keyontyli Goffney in connection with the theft of $2,000 from an ATM in the Moon’s Beauty Shop (LMAO!!) at 9th and Washington Streets Tuesday.

Ki and Jae Moon were devastated when they discovered a hole punched in the ceiling of their South Philadelphia business and thousands of dollars missing from their in-store ATM.

Police said the twin suspects broke into the store by crashing through the roof.(I guess they got tired of using the back door *rimshot*)

Authorities said the pair is suspected in as many as 50 similar burglaries in the tri-state area.

Damn, who knew a can of Murray’s hair grease was so hard to come by. I almost choked on my last swedish fish cause them fools look like my ex-boyfriend and they’re from my area. Anywho, here’s some of their “work” (NSFW) because I know the ladies (and some gents) wanna see this fuckery. And here’s Keyontyli’s Myspace page. Don’t even send that friend request as i’m almost certain these two are being traded for a pack of shrimp flavored of Ramen Noodles as I type.