Oh, Inga….

August 21, 2007

foxybrown.jpgThe worlds least relevant rapper chick is back at it again. After assaulting her neighbor Naomi style with a Blackberry, it’s come out that she’s now..*gasp* engaged & 3 months pregnant! I blame the plum purple lipstick and weave glue. You know that shit has seeped into her brain after all these years. Anyway, congrats to you and yours Fox Boogie. I bet my Jackie-O: “How To Box A Bitch” instructional video that that baby will come out swingin.

UPDATE: Yup..She’s goin to jail!


She’sus What A Dumb Ass!

July 16, 2007


Yall already know the story so i’ll spare you the details and entertain you with my opinion in list form.

1. Why can’t rappers just–rap. I don’t understand justifying your thugs..She shot her “friend” over 2,000 some odd bucks. Wow..that’s so gangster Remy. Foxxy Brown would be proud..
2. Remy Mother like the loser she is decides to run and crashes…(*golf claps*)
3. I hope they throw the book (and a greased up hot comb!) at this dumbass!!