Ne-Yo arrested and other celeb mess

February 22, 2008


No, you eyes doth not deceive you, it’s the tangy one they call Ne-Yo in all his mugshot glory. He was arrested for reckless driving and having a valid DL in Cobb County, Georgia. [yoinked]

I’m getting word that the Klingon community ain’t none too happy about this:


And there you have it. Damn, good luck with that Ne-Yo. It’s gone take more than a sweet serenade and a shiny suit to keep them fools away. They got that technolo-jay!


Movin on..Looks like the Klingon’s need to make another stop on the way to pick up our pistachio headed friend. Eva “The Diva” Pigford of ANTM fame(?) rockin some jafaican locks. Our 2nd case today of “When Bad Hair Happens to Pretty People. If you’re gonna commit to a hairstyle like that at least cover up the silky straight #4 weave in the front. Tyra–Come.Get.Your.Girl. I could scrub my pots with them thangs…


In case you’re wondering; Yes that’s Lil Kim. Kim, when the anesthesia wears off do you think you could make some new music? Thankssssss!!!
And apparently, the Saw Puppet is not flattered and plain ole sick of playin games wit yo’ ass.


Old Mama at some event tryna be all foo foo la for the cameras. Well..umm…She has pretty eyes *shrugs*..


Last but not least i’ll end this post on a non-hatin tip with Lauren London aka “New New” at some event lookin fab..

There, I think I got all the hate out today..check back tomorrow for the video of Ne-Yo gettin stole onĀ  by his Klingon brethren.



October 4, 2006

I’m not handing out Audemars Piguet watches or administering diamond cream faciiiials. But as you can see, I finally got off (or..on rather) my lazy ass and fixed up this old dump. How ya like it? I guess it’s gonna take some time getting used to and tweaking here and there. I’m no CSS nerd, so who cares right? Just as long as I get my point across to *points* YOU-the reader. Now, where were we?..

In Fug news..

Queen Bitch & John Kerry at Children Uniting Nations Second Annual National Conference. You know what i’m about to say right? From now on i’m just gonna use B.I.T (Bitch is Terrible). The less time I spend looking at these celebriwhores-the better *shudders*

I’m sayin though..I miss the old Kim..The clean bitch, disease freeee bitch:

*sigh* See you tomorrow.. In the meantime, wash ya goodies like Ms. Peachez say chile…