Tuesday is the new Monday

March 20, 2007

Because that seems like the only time I update this bitch. Excuse’ moi but a bitch was on spring break and didn’t feel like updating. Get over it. You still love me.

I’m guessing you already saw all the Soul Train pics and other random gossip from my friends to the right to the right..so i’ll just leave yall with Toccarra’s Breast today..


Tyra bitching about her weight–again

January 31, 2007

Even though she already cleared the air with People magazine you’d think she’d let it fade away. NOPE! Here’s a clip from an upcoming episode of the Tyra show where she addresses the issue once again. I heart you Tyra but this shit has got to stop…

I’ll throw a cell phone at you crazy!

June 13, 2006

Move over Naomi! Put the hot dog down Tyra!..It’s about to be a whaaaat??! Walk off!

LOL..But really folks. I’m so exicted, I just did my very first photo shoot for a Bella Beauty Models. Calendar Coming This Fall!! Check out me and the rest of the Bella Beauties over at myspace. Promise you won’t be disappointed.

This has really turned into a personal blog as of lately, but I haven’t had time to keep up with myself let alone celeb fukkery..I’ve been a busy body. Your #2 hater girl is about to working not one but get this– TWO jobs! Gotta get that paper fo’ they catch me ridin durtaaay..

All is well in the love department chirrens..I had quite an adventure down in A.C last weekend during the Taver/Hopkins fight. Met up with one of my new boos and got the kiss of life..lol. Nothing serious, but i’m definitely having my fun..

Lets get together..

April 11, 2006

And have a CELEBRITY BASH! Ok, I don’t get entirely sick of celebs. Just a few things that made me mutter a “WTF?!”

1. Oliva
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Cute girl, nice face, sweet song, SO LONG! Wake me after 15 minutes..This girl has got the personality of a rock. What happened to all this shit talking you were doing pre-GUnit on “Bizzounce”?!? (love that song btw). She makes Mya look like Paris Hilton and Ashanti like Tina Turner. Pa.the.tic.

2. Naima Mora (ANTM Cycle 4 Winner)

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No words. Ok weeellll maybe a few brief harsh ones. “A model is supposed to be on top of her game at ALL times”Tyra Banks. So why does Naima look like she been more rock bottom than Whitney Houston on a Saturday night. Seriously if it wasn’t for the porkchop sideburns screaming “WAX ME!!!”, I wouldn’t have been able to tell where she ends and the sand begins. All pale and sickly and flabby looking. Yeesh! Gyal ya neeta fix up, look sharp!

3.Remy Mother
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Angel La over at Concreteloop had me on the flo’ with the Rick James comparison. Now you all know how I feel about Remy Mother. This is just a travesty of fashion and all that I cannot and WILL not stand for. Are her stylists smoking rock or are they just too scared to speak up and steer her in the right direction? Goddamn she looks a straight mickey-fickin ignant ass mess. I just realized something the other day while listening to “Conceited”… LINE PLEASE!!

“And I look too gooood to be having kids..”

But wait…she has a 5 year old son right??? Yea she does…

*puzzled look and awkward silence*

That’s enough for the day kids. Wash ya faces and hands. More peanut butter and fukkery to come… PEACE.