Video of the Year

December 27, 2007

UGK feat. Outkast- International Players Anthem

Even though Will beat me to it…




More Video’s: John Legend, Lupe/Kanye/Pharell, Ciara

December 26, 2007

John Legend- Show Me

Us Placers- Kanye, Lupe, & Pharrell

Ciara- That’s Right


Ne-yo- Go On Girl

December 26, 2007

I’m not a big fan of Ne-Yo and his cuntastic mannerisms but this song is hot. Guess he got sick of all Beyonce’s shine and wrote himself a male version of ‘Irreplaceable.’  The video is arguable. Directed by Hype Williams, it’s basically Neyo and a buncha lightskinned heffas being all foo foo la and what not. Crazy Jade from America’s Next Jobless Model is in there strutting her crazy stuff.

Ne-Yo- Go On Girl 

Doin’ it BAD!

September 7, 2007

Oh me oh my..Where do I begin?… JLo smackin ethnic hoes left and right. Child slaves. Morbidly obese women wrapped in chains. Eccentric gheys. Food Fetishes. Wack choreography.

Behold the trainwreck that is her new video, produced by David LaChappelle:

Doin’ It Well BAD


Ugly Ricky Strikes Again

August 14, 2007

So i’m flickin through the channels and my 16 yr old sister bites my arm off quicker than one of Mike Vicks dogs to grab the remote and watch BET *sigh*

Anyway, after sitting through 4 minutes of a comedic, over-the-top, dripping with gold fuckery; complete with cheesy 90’s dances..I must say, other than the obvious monstrosity that is Ugly Ricky- I liked it!!:) Pleasure hit those notes higher than Amy Winehouse on New Years Eve. Awesome! Not really, cause they still ugly to me..

Pretty Ricky- Love Like Honaaay 

Make This Video Better

June 3, 2007

This is the shit that kills me with rappers. Hot songs with wack videos. Fabolous can’t afford this right now. He’s still payin on those porecelain veneers (Thank goodness he got those teefs fixed!) I’m saying though..does anyone look at the treatments for these things? Ugh. I was totally confused at first but after watching it a few times I get it. Roselyn Sanchez is Fab’s hot security bitch who also happens to be his down ass chick. They pop bottles, chill with hoes, floss ice, and break some glass at the end while Roselyn just talks on a earpiece like the hotness she is and does NOTHING. Song is still hot but I demand a re-shoot!

F-a-b-o-l-o-u-s ft/a catfish Ne-Yo

Who Did It Better? Bey vs Mya

April 4, 2007

My vote goes to Mya…



Beyonce-Sugar Mama

Mya- My Love Is Like Whoa