And the most annoying of 2007 is….

February 15, 2008


I know I neglected this blog like a teenage father abandons his responsibilities but I just haven’t had the desire to post. Excuuuuuuse me for having a life! didn’t want one with me! (*Dead President’s reference*) Anywho i’ll try to keep this piece piece updated as much as possible.

Moving on, I know I clowned Trey “Skinny Bonez” Songz in the past about his facial expressions and physique (or lackthereof) but this song is the hotness. And after watching this video idk..Trey Songz might could get it after a few Popeyes Chicken family value meals and Ensure beverages. We just gotta make sure the sheets are non-flammable cause you know a chick is just as skinny…

Trey Songz- Last Time (watch for the bootycake slip at 1:22)


Trey Songz pulls an Akon

December 26, 2007

Trey “SkinnyBones” Songz justifies his R&B thug by jumping into the crowd after a non-fan throws ice during his show. Pandemonium ensues. Expect a lawsuit next week genius. I swear celebs better not be doing this shit in 08′. Whats next? Kirk Franklin gonna start stompin hoes for singing off key?

Trey is a certified R&B Thug