Ne-Yo arrested and other celeb mess

February 22, 2008


No, you eyes doth not deceive you, it’s the tangy one they call Ne-Yo in all his mugshot glory. He was arrested for reckless driving and having a valid DL in Cobb County, Georgia. [yoinked]

I’m getting word that the Klingon community ain’t none too happy about this:


And there you have it. Damn, good luck with that Ne-Yo. It’s gone take more than a sweet serenade and a shiny suit to keep them fools away. They got that technolo-jay!


Movin on..Looks like the Klingon’s need to make another stop on the way to pick up our pistachio headed friend. Eva “The Diva” Pigford of ANTM fame(?) rockin some jafaican locks. Our 2nd case today of “When Bad Hair Happens to Pretty People. If you’re gonna commit to a hairstyle like that at least cover up the silky straight #4 weave in the front. Tyra–Come.Get.Your.Girl. I could scrub my pots with them thangs…


In case you’re wondering; Yes that’s Lil Kim. Kim, when the anesthesia wears off do you think you could make some new music? Thankssssss!!!
And apparently, the Saw Puppet is not flattered and plain ole sick of playin games wit yo’ ass.


Old Mama at some event tryna be all foo foo la for the cameras. Well..umm…She has pretty eyes *shrugs*..


Last but not least i’ll end this post on a non-hatin tip with Lauren London aka “New New” at some event lookin fab..

There, I think I got all the hate out today..check back tomorrow for the video of Ne-Yo gettin stole onĀ  by his Klingon brethren.


Celebrities do not care about their sisters.

December 10, 2007

Because if they did they wouldn’t let them embarrass themselves like this..

//Cases in point//

Solange “Iwannabefamoustoo” Knowles dressed up as a sexy (and I use the term ‘sexy’ loosely) clown at some event where Papa Knowles had to pay the doorman for her entry. Some may call what I just said hate. But ‘hate’ is the word that best describes reaction upon looking at this monstrosity of a ‘outfit.’ You know she was thinking: “I’ma be killin yall jive turkeys!!!!” after she got dressed. I appreciate individuality and all that foo foo la but you know damn well Mama Tina pieced that shit together from one of Beyonce’s slips. Fashion ain’t for everyone yall. Beyonce dahling put the Roc sign down and come get your sister. Jesus be a full-length mirror.



Shi-Shi, Ashanti’s little big sister at some club with a sweater and no pants. Sweater dresses are cute and all but I don’t wanna see your damn uterus sweetie. Nice touch with the Moet bucket on the floor. Classssssy! Thickens need to realize that it’s not cool to be spreading the cottage cheese all willy nilly around like that. Moral of the story: Get in where you fit in. And she obviously cannot FIT. Granted, she looks better than our previous fashion victim but a pair of tights wouldn’t hurt. The granny boots are hot though. There I said something positive for once. I quit this bitch.

Try again Clifford

September 28, 2007


T.I. dressed sharper than a butterknife on his Burfday @ club Who The Hell Cares. Young Cheezy looks, dare I say…appropriate? That’s it! I officially have no credibility…I might as well sell Pretty Ricky dolls out the trunk of my car.

And I just got the strongest craving for some nuts it’s not even funny..Or is it?

They Just Ruined It…

August 15, 2007

I know this is my 2nd obligatory post of Ugly Ricky this week, but I can’t help it! They’re like roaches, you turn on the lights and BAM! They scatter all over the place..Yesterday I gave them the benefit of the doubt.. Now, i’m quite certain these negros need to sit the hell down!! Jesus be a 90’s style wardrobe.


Slick ‘Em here looks like he needs a bottle of Valtrex-swiftly



Spotted @ Crunktastical

Earth to Ms. Hill! EARTH to Ms. Hill!

August 9, 2007


If Tiger Woods, Slick Rick, Michael Jackson, Afrika Bambaata & Angela Davis had a fivesome (*shudders*) the above would be result yall… ‘Jacket, pants, pearls, rouge! WIPE HER DOWN!’ What kinda fuckery is this Ms. Hill!?!? Are the stylists not being paid enough? Or are you just too crazy to wear clothes like the rest of us mere peons? Methinks her ass got dressed in Osama’s cave. With that said, I think all hope for a Fugees reunion and the mere thought of another classic album are shot to hell. I’m so over her antics and psuedo-‘deepness’..I shall mourn now (not really)

The Hot Ass Mess Report

February 17, 2007


No this isn’t a promo for Interracial Wet Juicy Black Asses 17. See who’s setting the race back after the jizzump!

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The not so glamourous life

February 6, 2007

Here’s some random pics I stole saw while browsing various celeb sites…The all made me wince in fear..

Danity Kane aka Diddy’s Hoes at Aubrey’s 23rd B-Day bash
at some who cares club. You know she wants that cigar to be Diddy’s penis. danityhoe.jpgdanityhoe1.jpg

I’m not even gonna say nothin…


Who’s this lovely elegant couple you ask? Old ass Ice-T and Coco. He may as well be married to a mold of her plastic ass


Michelle “I’ll Bite Your Clitoris Off” Rodriguez tries to make some type of wack ass fashion statement with her recent drunk driving record. Dumb ass.


Kelis lookin’ like some straight animal planet shit. Mess!


Doth my eye’s deceive me? No, it’s Lil Hoe Moe posing like she’s at a ghetto skating rink.Either that or her ass fell down the steps and tried to play it off. All she’s missing is the airbrushed Mercede’s Benz backdrop and a crowd of side ponytail wearing chicks. Loqueesha and Pookie–come get ya girl!


Looks like somebody shoulda kept his damn hand down if he was Unsure..Taye Diggs sweating like a bougie black man walking in the ghetto with a white girl on his arm. Oops, Did I say thaaaaat?