J-Hud Get’s All Effie White n’ Shit On Chicago Crowd

March 8, 2007

I heard this on Power 99fm (Philly) this morning on the way to class and had to see it myself. Apparently Chi-town (her hometown) jumped on the Dreamgirl’s bandwagon and deemed it “Jennifer Hudson” day. She broke into song and the crowd started to sing along but apparently she wasn’t feeling the love asking “Where yall at Chicago?” The crowd cheered more but apparently to Jen, the response was lack luster. She say’s “Well, that’s enough” and abruptly ends the song. Beyonce is somewhere on her 790374th video shoot adjusting her lacefront in victory.

Click pic to see J-Hud throw away the humble pie:



No sex in the champagne room for Puff Daddy

January 17, 2007

diddy2.jpgLooks like the black man just can’t get a break in Hollywood. Video of Puff being denied entry into a Golden Globes afterparty at the Sunset Tower Hotel showed up on TMZ. Helen Mirren‘s old ass was ushered in right by him while he makes a futile attempt to gain entry, repeatedly asking security: “Do you know who I am?!” Now you already know I think this man is more annoying than thongs on a hot day but it’s kind of foul considering the expensive parties he frequently throws. However, That’s fickle ass Hollywood for ya..Click below to see Puff get embarrased.

::Take that-Take that!::

Jay-Z doll (Ugliest doll ever!)

December 4, 2006

Imagine watching your child eagerly unwrap his gifts on Christmas morning only to bear witness to this:


Horrifying!….It looks like a zombie extra from the Thriller video. I hope Beyonce’s dumb ass gives him that shit as a birthday present today..With that said: HAPPY ETHER DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NYPD is D’Worst

November 28, 2006

Sean Bell

An angry crowd have demanded to know why New York police officers killed an unarmed man on the day of his wedding, firing dozens of shots that also wounded two of the man’s friends.Some called for the ouster of the city’s police commissioner.

At a vigil and rally the day after 23-year-old Sean Bell was supposed to have married the mother of his two young children, a crowd led by the black civil rights leader, the Reverend Al Sharpton, shouted “No justice, no peace”.

At one point, the crowd of a few hundred counted off to 50, the number of rounds fired.

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